Apr 04, 2018
Shegitu Kebede - Women at the Well, Int'l
Update from our International Partner

Founder and President of Women At the Well, Int'l

Originally from Ethiopia and orphaned at the age of five, Shegitu has known tragedy first hand. As war raged in Ethiopia, Shegitu fled to neighboring Kenya where she lived in the unbearable conditions of a refugee camp. Three and a half years later she immigrated to the United States.

Soon becoming an activist within the East African community, Shegitu started a business in Minneapolis, MN called Going Home Inc., a center for single, immigrant mothers, most of whom, like herself, had left abusive husbands and were struggling to support themselves and their children. Shegitu hired and trained these mothers in work and life skills, English language, citizenship, held after school and tutoring programs for their children, and offered follow-up on job placement (with Going Home as their work reference). In the first year, Shegitu helped a total of 38 women on their journey to independence.

Shegitu has devoted her life to making a difference in her community and the world around her. After completing several successful business ventures, including opening a restaurant, Shegitu dedicates her time to sharing her story and advocating for immigrants and refugees.

Kebede’s current project is a non-profit she founded in 2012, Women at the Well, where she returns to Ethiopia to build schools in refugee camps to provide life skills and cultural assistance to refugees before they are placed in their new homes.

Despite obstacles, Shegitu continues to fulfill her passion in aiding others. Shegitu is an author and has written and published four books, a public speaker, consultant, mother, and wife. She resides in Minnesota with her family.