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Phil Pulitzer/Kim Ekelund Sep 25, 2019 7:00 AM

"Philip Pulitzer" <ppulitzer@gmail.com>

Louie McGee Oct 02, 2019
19 Year old Louie McGee is legally blind, completed a triathlon and is very inspirational.

Nineteen-year-old Louie McGee runs a nonprofit, completed an Ironman Triathlon, rafted the Grand Canyon, and is legally blind. Diagnosed with Stargardt, a rare disease of the retina that results in a loss of central vision, when he was young, Louie has learned to find the possibilities in his diagnosis. His nonprofit—Louie’s Vision—provides visually impaired kids with opportunities to expand their life experiences and find their own adventure by focusing on raising awareness and building confidence.


If you have youg adults or teenagers we encourage them to come listen.




Angelina Amerigo Oct 09, 2019 7:00 AM
Miss Heart Of the Lakes
As a Title holder she is responsible for doing community service and her two charities are the Children’s Miracle Network and cleaning up our lakes, rivers and oceans by reducing “one time use plastic”.
Her social impact statement is:
One bottle, one straw, one bag at a time.
We believe as representing Miss Heart of the Lakes, she is a great role model and can serve as a inspiration to adults, teens and the youth of today!
As pictured Angelina with her crown and sash. Miss Heart of The Lakes 2020, picture under next email.
Helen Ovando Oct 30, 2019
PML Project Coordinator Rosa Lira

Geust of Peg Keenan and Meg Low

Amy Hudson Nov 06, 2019 7:00 AM
Why Muscle Matters

The Nation’s Smartest Personal Fitness Training

Right here in Eden Prairie, MN and soon Minnetonka


Everybody wants to look and feel their best and we all know exercise is essential for weight loss, healthy living, and peak performance. The challenge for most people is finding a workout strategy they can stick with.

That why our founders created a time-efficient, data-driven workout. Our coaches use a 20-minute workout method powered by proprietary technology. Using this industry leading technology they measure our client’s capabilities, motivate ideal effort, and manage successful personal fitness transformation.

Studio Owners Amy and Jesse Hudson

The Exercise Coach has been an integral part of our lives for many years.  We have both worked as part of the corporate team since 2011, and, after moving to the Twin Cities in 2-15, decided to open a location of our own to bring this wonderful fitness solution to Minnesota.  We have 3 daughters, and live right here in Eden Prairie.  We hope that everyone who comes into The Exercise Coach not only feels empowered to take control of their fitness and health, but also has a great time doing it.

Amy Hudson" <amy@exercisecoach.com>

The Exercise Coach - Owner