Jan 23, 2019 7:00 AM
Susan Moores
Multicultural youth see extrodinary hope for the future - Community gardens to healthy salads...

Susan Moores <sue@rootsforthehometeam.org


Sue Moores

Executive Director

“I love that Roots is a powerful catalyst for youth. Our kids gain courage, realize a bigger world is available to them and discover new ways they can contribute to it.”

Sue is Executive Director of Roots for the Home Team. The longtime dietitian and nutritionist for Kowalski’s Markets provides our creative vision for helping youth change the food landscape, while giving them new tools and opportunities to dream bigger. With a self-proclaimed “stir-the-pot DNA,” Sue continually looks for new ways and new people to enrich the Roots experience. (Learn how you can help by visiting these pages: Become a PartnerBuy Our Salads and Donate.)