May 30, 2018 7:00 AM
Leah Walkowski
"Update on the International Project in Uganda" and "An Introduction of the new Interact Board"

Program: Update on the International Project in Uganda.  

Description:  Northern Uganda Hip Hop Culture (NUHC) is a youth organization in Kitgum, Uganda that uses the creative arts to engage and empower youth and transform a community decimated by a 20 year civil war that destroyed an entire generation.  The founder of NUHC - Mwaka Benson (Benny)- has used LMERC funding to create opportunities for agri-business, host camps to train the youth on topics like financial literacy, malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention, rebuilding family relationship, income generating activities and empowering girls and disabled youth.  Benny himself is a survivor of the civil war and returned to his community to empower the next generation of community leaders.  Leah who will have just returned from Uganda will provide an update on the projects that LMERC has funded in the last 3 years including the building of a new Youth Center Building!