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Jan 24, 2018


Jan 31, 2018
Feb 01, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

The Opioid Crisis - Minneapolis

Vision - A world where individuals with chronic pain receive integrated care focused on wellness rather than drugs, and those with addiction have easy access to compassionate evidence-based treatment.

Mission - To heighten awareness of the disease of addiction as it releates to the physical and emotional burdens of chronic pain and to improve the associated care process.

Hope--We understand addiction.  Many of our volunteers and staff have personal connections to the disease.  Whether we ourselves struggle or our loved ones have, we know the importance of hope.

Lexi Redd Holtum


952-943-3937 (O)

651-308-8122 (M)


Feb 07, 2018

Camp Tanadoona Happenings



612-284-6816 (direct)

Feb 14, 2018

Fighting Child Hunger in Minnesota


When Rob learned that kids were taking extra food at school on Fridays so that they could eat over the weekend, fighting child hunger became Rob’s mission. As one of the founders of The Sheridan Story, Rob has been in a leadership role with the organization since it first began operating in 2010.

Rob has been a key player in the growth of The Sheridan Story, leading the organization's expansion from a one-school program in 2013 into a multi-school network of weekend food programs operating in numerous schools throughout the Twin Cities.

Rob's professional background includes experience in international and domestic logistics. Rob has worked with several Fortune-500 companies to improve their worldwide supply chain. Rob also has experience in volunteer management and training, non-profit management and development, and operational leadership in non-profit settings. Rob and his wife, Claire (a Memphis gal who has fallen in love with Minnesota), have been married since January 2008. They live with their son Amos and daughter Mabel in Arden Hills.


Feb 21, 2018

Conversation on Forgiveness

Tammy to bring computer

Shashikant M. Sane, M.D. was one of the handfuls of physicians invited to be the Founding physicians of the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital in 1972. He was the first Pediatric Radiologist in the region and served as the Chairman & Medical Director of Radiology Department for 25 years and continued there for 10 more years as the Senior Consultant. In addition, he also served as the Chairman & Medical Director of Radiology of the Gillette Children’s Specialty Care in St. Paul till his retirement in 2007. He has published 47 original scientific papers in the peer reviewed journals. He has been a Visiting Professor and addressed named lectureships several times around the world.

Dr. Sane is a Board Certified Radiologist with special Qualifications in Pediatric Radiology granted by The American Board of Radiology. He has been a Fellow of the Academy of Pediatrics for 40 years and was the Radiology Section Chair from 1996 to 2000. He has been a founding member of the Society of Chairs of Radiology of the Children’s Hospitals in North America and served as its President from 1996 to1998.

He & his wife Kumud have been two of the 6 founders of the first Hindu Temple in Minnesota in 1978. He wrote the constitution and by-laws and served as the first vice-president and secretary. He has served in several leadership capacities over the years for The Hindu Society of Minnesota including being Chairman of the Board of Trustees a few times. Most recently he was the Chairman of the Hindu Temple Construction Committee in charge of the creation of the new magnificent temple in Maple Grove. He stepped down in January 2008 as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hindu Society of Minnesota but has continued his weekly discourses on Hindu Scriptures at the Temple every Sunday which he started in May 1979. Presently he is the President of Hindu Community Center of Minnesota and also of the Hindu American Temple School. Here children are educated in Living Eternal Life Style of Ethical Living called Hinduism, Respectful Interfaith Open Dialogues and perhaps most importantly how to grow up as enlightened human being living as an American but blessed in addition with rich Hindu Culture and Heritage. The students also have an opportunity to learn one of the seven major languages from India. Presently 350 students are enrolled.

In addition to being a formally trained Hindu Priest he has been conducting with the help from his wife regular Annual Hindu Youth Camps for the past 35 years. He has been teaching Hindu Scriptures in the U.S.A. over 50 years and in the twin cities for the past 45 years. He has spoken on several topics pertaining to Hinduism, including Yoga, Meditation and Universal Spirituality on college campuses around the country. He has been actively involved in the interfaith dialogs locally as well as nationally.

Shashikant M. Sane, M.D.

612-618-6161 Mobile


Feb 28, 2018
Mar 01, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Making a Difference

Scott Gerber, Fire Chief

Excelsior Fire District

24100 Smithtown Road

Shorewood, MN  55331

Phone:  952-960-1650

Fax:  952-960-1690


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Mar 07, 2018

"Safety and Assault Prevention" with NOT ME! Training, and non profit Super Hero Kids Foundation.

Heidi Nauman

phone  612-708-3676


Heidi is the Assistant Director for the non-profit Super Hero Kids Foundation whch teaches safety and assault prevention for kids of all ages in schools and Pediatric Clinics in the Twin Cities.  She also works on fundraising to be able to provide the classes at no cost or subsidized cost for schools and other non profits.  Minnetonka District will be the first school district to provide assault prevention for kids beginning in Kindergarten and up.   1 in 7 kids will face an assault before they are 18 years old....90% by people they know, 10% by strangers.  About 90% of trafficked victims encountered a sexual assault in elementary years, which makes exploitation much more likely, as well as emotional challenges, substance abuse,  promiscuity, risky behavior, and suicide.  
She also does outreach and training for NOT ME! TRAINING.  Minnetonka was the first public high school to hold annual safety and assault prevention programs for graduates and their parents the last 4 years which empower people to avoid danger, and escape if necessary.  In our area, Mount Calvary Church and Oppidan Investments have also been big supporters and hosts.  
Heidi is proud of working with leaders in Minnetonka to provide an innovative model for the state of Minnesota, the USA,  and globally to take bold initiatives to create the next generations of safer, healthier people.  
612-708-3676  cell

Learn about local Twin Cities founder, Al Horner, former Navy SEAL who worked with teams to create assault prevention for all ages.  Find out WHY this is important in your families and community, and what we can all do to prevent pain and save lives.   Discover our exciting plans to take assault prevention from Minnesota to USA and Global!

Mar 14, 2018

Mar 21, 2018

Minnetonka School Update

Mar 28, 2018

Update from our International Partner

Founder and President of Women At the Well, Int'l

Originally from Ethiopia and orphaned at the age of five, Shegitu has known tragedy first hand. As war raged in Ethiopia, Shegitu fled to neighboring Kenya where she lived in the unbearable conditions of a refugee camp. Three and a half years later she immigrated to the United States.

Soon becoming an activist within the East African community, Shegitu started a business in Minneapolis, MN called Going Home Inc., a center for single, immigrant mothers, most of whom, like herself, had left abusive husbands and were struggling to support themselves and their children. Shegitu hired and trained these mothers in work and life skills, English language, citizenship, held after school and tutoring programs for their children, and offered follow-up on job placement (with Going Home as their work reference). In the first year, Shegitu helped a total of 38 women on their journey to independence.

Shegitu has devoted her life to making a difference in her community and the world around her. After completing several successful business ventures, including opening a restaurant, Shegitu dedicates her time to sharing her story and advocating for immigrants and refugees.

Kebede’s current project is a non-profit she founded in 2012, Women at the Well, where she returns to Ethiopia to build schools in refugee camps to provide life skills and cultural assistance to refugees before they are placed in their new homes.

Despite obstacles, Shegitu continues to fulfill her passion in aiding others. Shegitu is an author and has written and published four books, a public speaker, consultant, mother, and wife. She resides in Minnesota with her family.

Apr 04, 2018
Apr 05, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Using Humor for Better Advocacy & Unity

From Eric:  
To the board: I am a speaker, author and comedian who has spoken in all 50 states and addressed various clubs from coast to coast. I am contacting Minnesota clubs for consideration as a speaker since I will be returning to Minnesota in April of 2018. I have a ton of references I can send you in addition to my bio and credentials. I also do a lot of political speaking but my remarks to Rotary and Kiwanis clubs are absolutely non-partisan in keeping with the spirit of your organization. God bless always, Eric Golub 310-709-3245.
Apr 11, 2018

Join your committee chair for a meeting.

Apr 18, 2018 7:00 AM
Apr 28, 2018
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Presentation on Experience at Camp RYLA and Outbound Student

Will Roslansky is going to RYLA

Eliza Wilson is our outbound exchange student going to...

May 02, 2018 7:00 AM
May 03, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
May 05, 2018
3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Electric Shock Drowning--Education and Prevention

Ed Lethert is a member of the Lake Minnetonka Power Squadron. 

He teaches classes in Electric Shock Drowning, which was mentioned in Kevin Wehrmann's discussion with us in November. 

Ed Lethert - 612-670-9801





May 09, 2018 7:00 AM

The Impact the Assistance League of Minnesota has on our community

Speaking to the Rotary group about the impact Assistance League of Minneapolis/St. Paul has in our community. We are a unique all-volunteer organization serving children in families in the metro area since 1992. Both Paul Borowski and Charlie Kanan have indicated to me that they feel members would have an interest in learning about our work. Our primary goal in speaking to groups such as yours is to raise awareness about our mission.
ALMSP work to feed and clothe children, enhance and enrich education and support and serve our

May 16, 2018

Impact of Rotary on Women

Biography:  Mari was born in Guatemala and is a biologist, an entrepreneur and founder of the Wakami system. She is also a mother and a firm believer that collective dreams are unstoppable. My life’s work has been to find ways to link people who are stuck in cycles of poverty to markets that can create cycles of prosperity.
She comes from a country that suffered from a  32 year civil war in which much of the infrastructure of the country was destroyed.  The people who suffered the most during the war were always the women and children from our rural communities who faced violence, malnutrition and being displaced from their homes.  The challenges in my country seemed hopeless.
She is a graduate Cornell University as a Fulbright Scholar and with a Masters degree in biology but returned to her home country of Guatemala to help stop the cycle of poverty.
For 25 years Maria has created value chains for different communities that produced a variety of products that could connect these communities to the markets.  These included the Nativos S, A value chain which is now producing over $1 Million annually of fiber bands for Ron Zacapa rum products; the El Conejo de Sacalá wood products project employing over 500 people in helping the reforestation of Guatemala while also producing income from wood products; and Wakami, an international fashion accessories business which currently sell products produced by rural women in 13 countries around the world.
She is a founder of Vital Voices Central American network and the Guatemalan chapter, a member of the Vital Voices Global Advisory Council, the Leadership Initiative of the Aspen Institute and  partners with organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, USAID and Rotary International.
Please make sure to attend this powerful presentation and invite friends and colleagues.
May 23, 2018 7:00 AM

"Update on the International Project in Uganda" and "An Introduction of the new Interact Board"

Program: Update on the International Project in Uganda.  

Description:  Northern Uganda Hip Hop Culture (NUHC) is a youth organization in Kitgum, Uganda that uses the creative arts to engage and empower youth and transform a community decimated by a 20 year civil war that destroyed an entire generation.  The founder of NUHC - Mwaka Benson (Benny)- has used LMERC funding to create opportunities for agri-business, host camps to train the youth on topics like financial literacy, malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention, rebuilding family relationship, income generating activities and empowering girls and disabled youth.  Benny himself is a survivor of the civil war and returned to his community to empower the next generation of community leaders.  Leah who will have just returned from Uganda will provide an update on the projects that LMERC has funded in the last 3 years including the building of a new Youth Center Building!


May 30, 2018 7:00 AM

From Discovery to Recovery the Power of Emotional Grit

Jennifer Fernjack


Making a difference in peoples lives by helping them find a road from discovery to recovery using six key ingredients:

1. Laughter

2. Upbeat Music


4.Facing Fears

5. Random Acts of Kindness

6. Gratitude


Name:  Jennifer Fernjack
From:  Spring Park, but I was raised up in Cloquet, MN
Education:  BA degree from UMD and MBA from the University of St Thomas.
Profession:  I’ve been in the securities industry for 25 years and currently serve as a Compliance Officer at a financial services firm.  


Jun 06, 2018 7:00 AM
Jun 07, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Making a difference for Vets

Recommended by Laura Hotvet

Jon Lovald     

Chief Operating Officer

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

cid:image003.png@01D36FF8.9BB32DA02700 E Lake Street, Suite #3200 Minneapolis MN, 55406

Office:612-503-5151 | Cell:612-360-3627 | Fax:612.200.9516 |Email:

Learn more about our mission @

Jun 13, 2018 7:00 AM

The money raised by The Salvation Army is making a difference and service opportunities

Chris McArdle 
Donor Relations Manager 
The Salvation Army Northern Division 
2445 Prior Ave, Roseville, MN 55113 
Phone - 651-746-3424 

I was born and raised in Anoka Minnesota. I wen to Anoka High School and eventually graduated from Brown College with a degree in Radio Broadcasting. I worked at KILR Radio in Estherville Iowa for 8 years. I fell into alcoholism and now have 3.5 years sober! I now get to help people everyday. I was recently promoted from one of our locations in St.Paul. I have been married just over a year and life is great! I'm very grateful today. I hope some of this helps! I also have a story below in a link that The Salvation Army did on me a few months ago when I was in St.Paul. 

Jun 20, 2018 7:00 AM

Retiring in Turbulent Times

Scott Wardell, CFP®, has been a financial advisor for 36 years and has recently written a book entitled Retiring in Turbulent Times. The book features nine stories told from the viewpoints of real people in real retirement situations. It seeks to break down the walls of mystery to saving, investing, and building for retirement. Scott would like to speak with your club about his book and the dilemmas that people face when getting ready for retirement. He is passionate about helping people to feel confident and hopeful about retirement success. Scott is also past president of the St. James Rotary club and is a Paul Harris Fellow. Are you interested in having Scott share his insight and experience with your Rotary Club? Please contact me at for more information. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you, Don Irwin Check out our website: Find us on Facebook: For scheduling, please contact Shelley at 952-400-0559 or

Jun 27, 2018

4th of July

Jul 04, 2018
Jul 05, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Training for serving at concerts

Jul 11, 2018

Passing the Baton, Accomplishments of Past Year and Welcome Charlie

Come to celebrate the great accomplishments of our club over the last year and welcome Charlie as the new President

Jul 18, 2018 7:00 AM