Speaker Date Topic
Julie Maas-Kusske, WeCanMN.org Oct 25, 2017
Career Initiatives Counselor

WeCAN is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to empower and equip individuals and families to reach stability and self-sufficiency.


Our vision is that families and individuals will thrive in a vibrant community with full access to resources and support services.


The organization’s purpose is to address the human service needs by delivering emergency service, sharing information, developing cooperative efforts, and making referrals to other agencies as may be appropriate. WeCAN serves as a resource and catalyst for the provision of human services in the area by identifying unmet human service needs and developing solutions that address those needs, including information and referral services.

Katherine Johnson--Vocational Nov 01, 2017
Camp Enterprise Attendees Nov 08, 2017
Experience at Camp Enterprise
Steve Donofrio Nov 15, 2017
Personal Protection, Home Security and Functional Fitness

Steve Donofrio, Security management and self-protection specialist, has consulted and taught in schools, colleges and companies throughout Japan. He is the lead author of the book “Mama Manual” a book for mothers on family and personal security, is a regular contributing author for Japans leading professional security journal “Security research” magazine, has a Master’s degree in Security management, BS Degree Criminal Justice AAS degree law enforcement. Steve has over 25 years learning and teaching martial arts and Self-defense and is a recognized subject matter expert by the Japanese media. Steve has a very informative presentation that combines personal protection and home and community safety that is a great fit for any organization.  For more information, go to puraglobal.com

Dani Perloz, Our LMERC Exchange Student Nov 22, 2017
Presentation from Dani from the Canary Islands
Kevin Wehrmann, Commander, Minnetonka Power Squadr Nov 29, 2017
The US Power Squadron & Local Squadron--Serving the Community

E-mail:  Kevin@anchorconstructionanddesign.com


Domestic Violence--Shelter, Intervention, Prevention

Sojourner is a non-profit that serves victims of domestic violence as well as those victimized by dating violence and elder abuse.  We offer comprehensive programs that address the complexities of domestic violence and the needs of our clients. Our services include; emergency shelter, a 24-hour crisis line, legal advocacy, resource referral, support and education.  We provide educational presentations to youth, faith communities, businesses and civic groups that focus on a variety of topics that inform and raise awareness.  Our focus is on increased safety of the individuals/families we serve and the communities in which they live. 


Contact:    Mary Carter, Sojourner Project, Outreach Specialist

Cell: 612-209-8247    Leave messages at: 952-351-4061

www.sojournerproject.org      marys.carter@comcast.net




Laura Ryan, JD, Director, Safe Harbour Dec 13, 2017
Out of the Shadows--Ending Human Trafficking in Minnesota

E-mail:  lauren.ryan@state.mn.us

Minnesota Dept of Health



Paula Holmberg and the Minnetonka Chamber Choir Dec 20, 2017
Holiday Concert


Annual Club Breakfast Social Dec 27, 2017
Meet at 7:00am at The Original Pancake House - Hwy 7 & 101

For those in town over the holidays, please join us for breakfast--no program, just time to eat and socialize!  

We will be in the large party room on past the bar, straight ahead (different spot than last year). 


Ames Sheldon, Author of Eleanor's Wars Jan 03, 2018
Potholes in the Road to Publication (date TBD)
Eleanor, the protagonist of the novel, volunteers to drive an ambulance in France during WWI because she wants to make a difference. However, her wartime experiences are so horrific that she doesn’t want to talk about them. She has PTSD. One of the results of her not talking about her war is that her son enlists to fight in WWII.
The presentation is about 15 years of trying to make a difference by working to get out this anti-war story, from inspiration to winning a national book award.
Quarterly LMERC Committee Meetings Jan 17, 2018
Join your Committee Chair
Matt Rega Jan 24, 2018

LMERC Vocational. 

Also could do on Jan 31st. 


Eric Golub--Comedian, Author, Speaker Apr 04, 2018
Using Humor for Better Advocacy & Unity
From Eric:  
To the board: I am a speaker, author and comedian who has spoken in all 50 states and addressed various clubs from coast to coast. I am contacting Minnesota clubs for consideration as a speaker since I will be returning to Minnesota in April of 2018. I have a ton of references I can send you in addition to my bio and credentials. I also do a lot of political speaking but my remarks to Rotary and Kiwanis clubs are absolutely non-partisan in keeping with the spirit of your organization. God bless always, Eric Golub 310-709-3245.  blacktygrrrr@earthlink.net
Quarterly LMERC Committee Meetings Apr 11, 2018
Join your committee chair for a meeting.