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Club Assembly Aug 23, 2017
Speed Dating Rotary Style

Learn about LMERC committees and join one

Tammy Schwartz Aug 30, 2017
Timothy Conlin, Team Leader, Eagle University Sep 06, 2017
Youth Success

In 2014, Timothy was awarded a scholarship to a Youth Success Program called Eagle University by his dentist, Dr. Jamie Sledd.  At that time in his life, he was headed into his senior year and had no idea what he wanted to do post high school.  One week at Eagle U changed the course of his life forever.  The experience at Eagle U as well as the generosity of one man has inspired Timothy to pay it forward, making a difference in the lives of several individuals and creating leaders in our communities. 

Website:  eagleuniversity.org

E-mail:  Timothy@eagleuniversity.org


Open Hands Foundation Sep 13, 2017
Pam Langseth
Ariana, Gabi & Michael --Pinky Swear Foundation Sep 20, 2017
Update from the Feygin Kids raising money to help kids with cancer & their families.

You won't want to miss this presentation from Ariana (age 12), Gabi (age 10) and Michael (age 6). 

These are some passionate, amazing kids--possibly future Rotarians!, doing great things in this world--making good on their "pinky swear" to a boy fighting cancer. 

Team Michael Romm's Legacy is a group of kids raising money to help kids with cancer and their families through the Pinky Swear Foundation.  Please like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/michaelrommslegacy

Bob Halagan Sep 27, 2017
2017-18 District 5950 Governor

Our District goals and Bob's visio for Rotary

Laura Tiebert Oct 04, 2017
The Rise of Prince: 1958-1988

The Rise of Prince: 1958-1988 gives you a front-row seat to the dramatic events of iconic artist Prince Rogers Nelson's dazzling rise to fame. The book opens with the gripping tale of Prince's final months in 2016, and then transports you to the Minneapolis of his childhood to tell a story that is by turns tragic and triumphant. This book's gripping, 50-page prologue provides a nearly day-to-day account of the events that unfolded between November 2015 and April 21, 2016, when Prince tragically died at Paisley Park. The great distance traveled by Prince during his final months - tours of Australia and New Zealand, a funeral in the Bay Area for former muse and lover Denise Matthews, a tour of Canada, and a final return home - in some ways mirrored on a grand scale Prince's nomadic childhood, to which the book returns after detailing the events of 2016. Thanks to the many close friends and associates who shared their stories with the authors, The Rise of Prince will both enlighten and deeply move Prince's legions of fans. What is ultimately revealed is the very human story of how a young man from a small Midwestern city overcame adversity to achieve one of the greatest runs of creativity in pop history, along the way creating an unparalleled universe of side projects, alter egos, and a musical legacy for the ages. Alex Hahn, writing with co-author Laura Tiebert, brings his extraordinary experience to this book, which includes fully updated and expanded elements of his controversial 2003 biography Possessed, a sought-after collector's item that remains a classic of Prince literature. The book is enhanced by exclusive photos from rock photographer Paul Natkin, one of the most renowned photographers of Prince.

Ron Feldman, First VP & COO, Fed Reserve Bank Mpls Oct 11, 2017
Too Big to Fail--Ongoing Research at the Fed
Too Big to Fail--Ongoing Research at the Fed

Ron Feldman is the first vice president and chief operating officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.  In this role, he is responsible for all operational facets of the Bank's activities and for backup to the president in the execution of his monetary policy responsibilities.

He is a member of the Conference of First Vice Presidents.  In this capacity he is involved, along with the chief operating officers of the other eleven Reserve Banks, in various projects and initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Federal Reserve's System-wide operations. 

He previously served as a senior officer for Supervision, Regulation and Credit. Feldman also held a variety of Federal Reserve System supervisory leadership roles.  For example, he co-led the group overseeing the System’s supervision of banks having under $10 billion in assets.  He also managed the System’s validation of Federal Reserve stress testing models.

Feldman joined the bank in 1995 in the Supervision department. He became an officer of the bank in 1999, a managing officer in 2004, senior vice president in 2008 and executive vice president in 2013. In addition to assuming increasing responsibilities in the supervisory arena, he previously ran the Financial Services Support Office, which assists in the oversight of the Federal Reserve’s financial services.

Feldman has published research on a wide array of banking and financial topics. He is the co-author of Too Big to Fail: The Hazards of Bank Bailouts, published by the Brookings Institution (2004).

He has a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and an M.P.A. from Syracuse University.

Julie Maas-Kusske, WeCanMN.org Oct 25, 2017
Career Initiatives Counselor

WeCAN is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to empower and equip individuals and families to reach stability and self-sufficiency.


Our vision is that families and individuals will thrive in a vibrant community with full access to resources and support services.


The organization’s purpose is to address the human service needs by delivering emergency service, sharing information, developing cooperative efforts, and making referrals to other agencies as may be appropriate. WeCAN serves as a resource and catalyst for the provision of human services in the area by identifying unmet human service needs and developing solutions that address those needs, including information and referral services.

Ames Sheldon, Author of Eleanor's Wars Nov 08, 2017
Potholes in the Road to Publication
Eleanor, the protagonist of the novel, volunteers to drive an ambulance in France during WWI because she wants to make a difference. However, her wartime experiences are so horrific that she doesn’t want to talk about them. She has PTSD. One of the results of her not talking about her war is that her son enlists to fight in WWII.
The presentation is about 15 years of trying to make a difference by working to get out this anti-war story, from inspiration to winning a national book award.
Annual Club Breakfast Dec 27, 2017
Meet at 7:00am at The Original Pancake House - Hwy 7 & 101

For those in town over the holidays, please join us for breakfast--no program, just time to eat and socialize!